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Hobbits Only!

Hobbits Only!

Frodo: Whew! That took her forever!
Pippin: yah it did now she want u to explain
Frodo: This journal is Friends Only! She said "Hobbits Only" because she thought it made her look witty, but really you can be a man, wizard, elf, hobbit, or some other unknown creature and be able to read her journal as well.
Pippin: she wil ad u if u coment!!!11
Frodo: Just a warning though, she can get rather scary. Well, perhaps that isn't the right word. She is overly imaginative and weird--
Sam: Case in point: We are her Hobbits. We run around and generally help her around the house and get into trouble. At least Pippin and Merry get into trouble. Like a few weeks ago Pippin dared Frodo to sleep outside on the roof...
Frodo: Lets just say I'll have the cast on my arm for another 2 months.
Merry: sorry frodo i didnt mean to scare you like that
Pippin: wel enyways coment and she wil ad u!
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Even though I'm the grape of death, there's a hobbit hiding under this costume.
Whoa! Those are quite the stilts!
I adore your friends only banner!
It just kept growing and growing! XD
It's great!

I lahve it.
Me too me tooooo!
HAHAHA! Oh man, that made my day.
Glad to be of assistance!
*flies away as super!hobbit*
I <3 it! That comic cracked me up...
Me too! Self-amusment isn't exactly modest.


October 31 2005, 23:39:04 UTC 12 years ago

luv the pouty face frodo is making. *squees and drools*
Forgot to log in again there!
T'ain't bragging if it's true. ^_^