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If anyone out there feels like helping a poor, laptopless girl, and has some money kicking around (or if you can subscribe to RealArcade and cancel three days after)...

Help me!
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LOL: I would, but I can.t Sorry, Sug.
No problem. I was just trying to mooch off people who could ^^
LOL: Poor Hobbit. Hey, Would you like to suffer some grotesque romance? *Scalds self from having to write this stuff* Go read the story I'm writting for Sarah for her birthday. It's @ my LJ.

You TOO can suffer through all the misery of a classical Faerie-tale romance by just going to DC's Live journal!

LOL: I'm kidding, but I wouldn't mind a second opinion. There are brownies in it for you. The kind that make you happy because they have extra powerful sugary chocolate in them!
I shall do it when I have the time. I'm a bit short of it right now, but maybe tomorrow XD
LOL: Poor Hobbit. *hugz* I know what you mean about time, tho. I'll end up going to bed soon so that I can get up and go to work. YAY Work!

(More like: YAy! Pay!)
How the heck does this work?
Erm... good question. Email me ^^